The scenarios for the evolution help in understanding different stages of development of a VHL instance. This definition is based on indicators and quality criteria that express the maturity degree of the same.

The definition of the scenario or stage is determined through an assessment evaluation seeking to support the planning stages and development of VHL instances, therefore future projections, critical success factors and alternatives for the strengthening. Currently each VHL instance is classified into three distinct scenarios of evolution – the pilot, in development and certified described as follows:

Scenario 1:“Pilot or start up march of VHL” – Comprise the initial step of articulation and debate among social actors who participate as producers, intermediaries and users of sources and flows of information, aims to promote the full adoption of the paradigm of VHL, of cooperative network to management of scientific and technical information. This change of paradigm may entail many times in adaptation and realignment of products and services of information existent to operate in VHL space. The elaboration of the Project and of the Action Plan is important for the evolution of VHL in this stage, as well as the establishment of collaborative spaces or virtual communities

Scenario 2: “VHL in Development” – This scenario has as main feature the conformation and/or strengthening and the expansion of social networks and of contents. The VHL seeks the strengthening of cooperative and decentralized work, besides of publication and update of network of contents and information sources. Stage of consolidation of VHL, including the definition of information.

In this context, the establishment of promotion activities and dissemination of VHL, as well as of training, are determinants for its strength.

• Scenario 3 – “Certified” – the highest degree of maturity of a VHL instance is reached when it is recognized as reference space for access to information and exchange of knowledge in the area. The fundamental feature of this scenario is the consolidation of virtual space VHL as a common space, adopted completely by producers, intermediaries and users of scientific information and technical in heath. In this context, the VHL instances achieve high degree of autonomy in relation to methodologies and applications VHL, working in a decentralized and cooperative way and acting as a multiplier of actions of technical and capacitation cooperation, as much for expansion of its own social network and of contents, as for others VHL instances. These scenarios evolve in accord with the conditions of different contexts, signaling the way to follow for the development of VHL instances. The perspective is always the to achieve the scenario in which the VHL is recognized and used as a convergence space for organization, indexing, preservation, accessibility, assessment and use of sources and flows information of scientific and technical in health (certification).

Although the definitions of these scenarios signalize the intentionality of a continuous and progressive evolution of VHL instances, these are always approximations of reality and in this sense, limited in relation to the complexity of elements involved in the process. Thus, the search for evolution and reach of different scenarios never is a linear and sequential practice where there is the guarantee of its achievement against the attendance requirements. More than closed settings, the drawing of these scenarios contributes to that of the analysis about the development of the VHL is not devoid in context where this process is inserted. Following is described how the assessment process of VHL instances is realized.