By means of action line of the permanent education, the knowledge with regard to VHL model is socialized with the professional members of the network. These have the opportunity of prepare and to support the strength of the cooperation for development of the networks of information sources of VHL. It seeks also updating the skills of these professional and to disseminate new versions or updates of the methodologies and applications of the VHL model.

The permanent education, therefore, is to promote the technical cooperation through the development and strength of human capacities within the VHL framework and its associated networks. In that scope enlarges the capacities of participants of the networks through actions of methodological development, education and face-to-face and remote learning in the context of apprentice and informed environments.

The actions of permanent education, on local the scopes of the VHL instances, can make possible, implement and strengthen the development of capacities of the participants professionals through promotion actions, education and mandatory learning for the development of skills. As a consequence of the development of “local capacity” strengthens also the “local production”. The model of permanent education of VHL recommends still the reproducibility and applicability in others institutions of VHL and complementary network.

Already in the regional scope, the permanent education actions can make possible the implementation and strengthening of the technical cooperation in the context of VHL, by representing mandatory actions for the development of skills appropriate to the methodologies and technologies for operation of products, services and network events.

Promote the mobilization and strengthening of technical cooperation in social networks through actions for feasibly organize, promote and carry out face-to-face and to distance courses, forums, traineeship, technical meetings, workshops, seminars and so on.

- Implement and strengthen the flows of information, communication and knowledge generated in described scopes, through the organization and publication in virtual spaces, including documentation in general of the permanent education program, chronogram and corresponding methodology.

- Organization, indexing and making available, with quality control of VHL information sources, generated as: database of learning objects, documentation generated in collaborative spaces and with quality control.

- Development and publication of methodology in order to compose together with the other methodologies of VHL, documenting the processes, the technologies of information and communication to be used.

- The development of remote education programs according to systematized methodology, at project of sustainable character to medium and long term; to promote investigative studies with regard with the feasibility of certification of this activity together with other institution of teaching and research.